There are many different activities you can do with your kids to improve their fine motor skills.

Different Activities You Can Do With Your Kids to Improve Their Fine Motor Skills

There are many different activities you can do with your kids to improve their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills are an essential component of physical development ' especially when it comes to children that are in the preschool age group. These skills involve strengthening the use of the small muscles that are in various areas of the body ' specifically the hands ' so that several basic functions can be achieved. These functions include that of being able to grasp items that are relatively small, fastening buttons, zipping zippers, and even handwriting! Here, I will share with you different activities that you can do with your kids to improve their fine motor skills.

One of the most effective means of developing fine motor skills, in my opinion, is sitting down with your kids and playing games that include writing and even drawing. You will want to have several different types of art utensils available when you do this. This includes items like colored pencils, pens, thin markers, chunky markers, regular sized crayons, chunky crayons, and even finger paints. You may even elect to use watercolor paints and different size paintbrushes as well. You can play games like 'Draw like the Leader', where each of you draws or writes something, and then the other person copies it. You can practice drawing something in the home, like a ball. All of these activities assist in the overall development of fine motor skills.

The next method that you can use to assist your child in developing fine motor skills is to allow them the opportunity to cut out shapes and designs with scissors. This is a great exercise for strengthening all of those small muscles in the hands, and the wrists. It is also beneficial in developing the overall hand/eye coordination. Allowing children to engage in activities like 'Connect the Dots' and tracing different types of pictures is another fun and exciting way to fine tune the skills when it comes to fine motor skills. In order to encourage your child's success in these areas, it may be beneficial to create a 'wall' in the home where their arts and crafts can be hung for display. Not only will they enjoy the work that they have completed, but you will be able to see an improvement in their ability to cut, connect dots, and trace over time.

Many parents enjoy helping their child put together puzzles. There are a great deal of puzzles sold for children that are in the preschool age group. If you are working on fine motor skills, assembling puzzles as a team can be a great way to encourage development. There are also many toys sold that focus on allowing a child learn to tie a shoe, button, zip, wrap, and other types of similar activities. Purchasing these types of products, and then playing with your child while they attempt to face the challenges posed by the various products can prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to the overall development of fine motor skills in your child. Any type of activity that allows a child to carefully manipulate an item that is relatively small, like a button, zipper, or puzzle piece is typically great when it comes to the development of motor skills. These are just a few great ideas on different activities you can do with your kids to improve their fine motor skills.

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