Many kids these days have email addresses.

Kids and Spam

Many kids these days have email addresses. They use these email addresses to email friends, work on school projects, and to have a presence online. If is very important to have a powerful spam blocker that will keep certain email out of a child's inbox. While most children do not sign up for news on web sites and do not visit sites that are unsecured, they may still be at risk. A spam blocker will take many of the email and place them into a bulk folder.

Many spammers are relying on pictures to get around spam blockers. These images could be graphic and harmful to children. By monitoring what they are opening and telling them not to open their bulk folder, a parent will be able to protect their children from harmful images. Older children should also be made aware of the risks involved in opening spam email that gets passed the spam blocker. If a child opens a spam email, they may be exposing the computer to a virus. This could be fatal to the computer. Be sure to run weekly virus checks to ensure that no viruses are present.

Children are naturally curious. This is why it is important that parents be available to assist with email. Spam blockers are wonderful and will keep much of the spam from getting in, but it will not always be able to catch spam that is in image form, or that has be worded correctly. When opening a child's inbox, delete all email that look like spam. Allow the child to open messages from friends and family. This way, the child will not get upset and will still have privacy. Kids should be allowed to be on the Internet without having to be bombarded by spam. Using a spam blocker is one way to help keep spam to a minimum.

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