Spyware has boomed into the top internet threat in no time and it continues to affect more computer users each day.

Countering the Spread of Spyware on your Computer.

Spyware has boomed into the top internet threat in no time and it continues to affect more computer users each day. Spyware is best described as a rogue application that latches to your system so it can record personal information and monitor internet usage. As spyware has grown it has become much easier to be infected with it.

In some instance computer can be infected with spyware just by visiting the wrong web site. Most spyware is installed without the user's knowledge.

The most serious form of spyware comes as keyloggers which record each keystroke made on an infected computer. Each account number, password, email address, chat or email message or social security number you key into your computer is being duplicated and sent back to the intruder. Keyloggers are often responsible for identity theft and its spread.

Adware is thought to be a form of spyware because it still records and submits to intruders your personal and computer usage information. The information adware gathers about a person is used by companies to target you with advertisement they have dubbed appropriate for your interests. Spyware in the form of adware and other less harmful spyware usually finds its way into your computer by being bundled in with freeware and shareware downloads. To avoid spyware and adware you must proceed with caution when considering a freeware download.

Computers can be infected by visiting the wrong web sites because at insecure sites, hackers are able to take advantage of security vulnerabilities through the browser. This happens most often through Internet Explorer, however Microsoft tries to release patches to these security vulnerabilities once they have been found but users are still at risk until then. Users also remain at risk because once the patch is released they either do not know about the vulnerability or about the fix.

Law makers are striving to find regulations for these spyware privacy invasions but until then users must protect themselves.

To secure your computer now you can download several free and purchasable programs that will scan and remove spyware infections. Many of the new versions of spyware tools also offer 'always on' protection that blocks spyware from downloading while you surf the internet.

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Author: Mitch Johnson