I like using freeware.

Internet Security Deluxe Stole My Security

I like using freeware.  Well, honestly, I like spending as little money as possible as a general rule.  That actually saved me from the worst part about Internet Security Deluxe.

Internet Security Deluxe was, simply put, too expensive.  It was only after I started looking for free downloads for it that I saw it for what it was.  Needless to say, I was stunned to find out it was a rogue security tool.

It started when I was gaming online.  I'm not exactly sure what went wrong, but while I was in the middle of a MMORPG, my window got changed from the game to a website for Internet Security Deluxe.

It told me that my computer had viruses'a lot of them.  There were like 300 some odd of them.  I was annoyed to begin with, having been yanked from my game to the Internet Security Deluxe download page.

After this scan, Internet Security Deluxe told me that I had to buy the full version to get rid of my infection.  When I saw how much they were asking, it all ended right there.  I wasn't going to pay that if I could help it.

I decided to see if I could find a free full version of this program.  I figured if it was good enough to let me know that I'm infected even if I don't have it, it might be worth having.  Instead, I found out that Internet Security Deluxe was a rogue security tool, and that it was what was infecting me.

Somewhere along the way, I had gotten infected by a spyware program called Zlob, which infected me with more spyware, which is altogether what Internet Security Deluxe was.  I didn't need or want to buy it'I needed an antispyware program to get rid of it.

So I started searching for an antispyware program.  During the whole course of this search, Internet Security Deluxe popped up about every ten minutes or so and redirected me back to its website.  This was starting to get really irritating.

I decided to change my search keywords to show "100% removal guarantee."  I seriously wanted to get rid of Internet Security Deluxe, and it was obvious to me that my freeware didn't get it.  I needed assurance that the program was going to be gone for good.

The only antispyware program that came up during this search was SpyZooka.  I liked the reviews, and the Better Business Bureau seal made me feel easier.  I decided to try its free version.  Within five minutes, it found Internet Security Deluxe.

I decided right then that $30 was worthwhile to get rid of Internet Security Deluxe.  I shelled out the money and downloaded the full version of SpyZooka.  It certainly delivered on its promise.

Within minutes instead of hours, SpyZooka killed Internet Security Deluxe.  Apparently, they're way ahead of the curve in spyware killing.  My computer was back to normal, and I haven't had a problem since.  This is definitely the program to have!

About the Author:

Carl runs a site devoted to helping you rid your computer from all sorts of spyware and malware at http://www.spyzooka.com/

Author: Carl Atkinson