ID card lamination involves putting a clear layer of PVC over the card surface.

Id Card Security - Lamination

ID card lamination involves putting a clear layer of PVC over the card surface.  Lamination is used to protect the card image, particularly for high levels of use where the card is regularly swiped through a magnetic stripe reader or taken out of a wallet every day.  Lamination will allow 10,000's of swipes before any visible wear of the image occurs.  ID card lamination is either done at the same time as printing (with an in-line laminator) or separately with a dedicated laminator.

For added security, laminate films containing an optical security logo or hologram are available.  These can be both standard or custom.

Many of the security features available in ID cards are also used in banknotes, and some of the manufacturers of laminate films are also banknote producers, so the highest security features are available depending on how much a user wants to pay.

Visual security features that can be incorporated into laminates include :
'    Fine-detail printing and complex images (e.g. Guilloche patterns)
'    Micro-text
'    Nano-text
'    Holograms
'    Morphing and changing images
'    Laser readable images

Standard laminates are those available from a catalogue, with pre-designed features.  Custom laminates have features specifically tailored to an end-users needs; e.g. incorporating a government seal.

Visit Ultra Magicard's website to find out more about ID Card Laminators. Our ID card laminator delivers single-sided and double-sided lamination. Ultra Magicard's Prima 3 printer integrates with the ID card laminator for quick and easy lamination.

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Author: Valerie Douard