In the past, securing a network requires multiple solutions.

UTM Appliance: Best of the Breed Security Solutions in One Device

In the past, securing a network requires multiple solutions.  You need separate firewalls, anti-viruses, content filtering, spam filtering, VPN protection, anti-spyware, anti-penetration tools, and other security systems.  Today, your network can take advantage of UTM appliance or unified threat management appliance.  This tool is an all in one security solution that integrates everything you need to protect your network.  In fact, even if you have a WiFi network, a UTM system will have the capability for all round security protection and wireless penetration testing through WEP cracking simulations.   

The main selling point of UTM appliance is its ease of use.  With a unified threat management system, network administrators will not shift and jump from one security tool to another when solving a threat.  If you are managing a network, your work will be greatly reduced because you will only use a single interface to perform your security tasks.  If you want to conduct penetration testing and evaluate the security of the network, simple run a vulnerability assessment and test the WEP cracking tools of the UTM appliance.  After the test, you can now tweak content filtering and spam filtering all from the same user interface.  

The streamlining of security protocols with the use of UTM appliance can also help you to implement faster security response.  Because a unified threat management system provides comprehensive security reports, you will have more time to analyze vulnerabilities and device policies for network users.  You can run periodic WEP cracking operations so you can define network usage policies or you can quickly change the authentication policies of the network if you detect network intrusions.  Such capability to react quickly to threats will enable your security systems to defeat attempted hacking, WEP cracking, and spam attacks.  You will always be one step ahead of the bad guys because you can implement new security solutions with the help of you UTM appliance.  

There is no doubt also that a unified threat management system is also a cost effective solution for network security.  That is because you will eliminate the need to upgrade different security appliances of different vendors.  You will only deal now with a single provider which will significantly cut the cost for system upgrades.  Capability trainings of network administrators will be simpler also.  With single user interface and a unified system, you need not spend for multiple training programs.  This means more savings for your company and simpler administration processes for your network security personnel.  

Unified threat management appliance also performs well on all kinds and sizes of network.  Some argue that UTM appliance will not be able to provide strong security for all kinds of threats.  However, the applications and security programs of UTM are the best of the breed.  Based on actual and simulated testing, UTM devices can provide comprehensive security protection for networks.  In fact, a UTM appliance can match and even surpass the capabilities of standalone security device.  Most importantly, deploying unified threat management appliance on your network will not disrupt your operations.  It can be installed easily without rebooting your network servers.

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Author: Clint Jhonson