These are some of the most dangerous things you can do online.

Top Tips To Protect Your Security Online

These are some of the most dangerous things you can do online. They are the most common methods people use to place themselves in danger on the Internet.

Download attachements which are included in email messages that are not from people you personally know. Even if you only download them or open them cause you are interested to see what's insde can lead to adware,spyware and related problems.

Downloading of cracks from illegal websites, forums or groups. Cracks install adware or spyware when they are downloaded. Registering on websites to be able to download cracks is even worse.

Downloading of music from unknown sources. First get advice by visiting yahoo answers. Find out where people download music and trust big companies such as Google and Yahoo. They provide videos and music such as

Join websites that require your home address or credit card information before you are accepted.

Give your credit card number by email to people whom you don't know personally.

Show off your credit card number in your Messangers such as Yahoo, AOL, or MSN messanger.

Give your credit card number by using Telephone when connected via Messangers with voice.

Same way you should never give your email address to people whom you don't know personally or you feel they do not need it.

Copy images you get from other websites and place them on your own sites. When you are online, you can see anything but in order to use something you need permission. You can even break the law in certain cases.

Send bulk email in any way. That means you send messages to people who did not request your messages or they don't know you personally.

Join porn websites that need your credit card information for a free trial. You cannot trust all porn websites. Porn websites are dangerous cause they contain most adware, spyware and other bad objects.

Post your photo online and include it anywhere you wish with your physical email address or phone number. Everything online can be collected by so called spammers that want to make money.

Do you need popup blockers?

Nowadays, browsers such as Mozilla Firefox have popup blockers included. You should also make well use of this extra extension. You can turn it on from the Tools or Settings option in your browser.

Mozilla Firefox popup blocker blocks most of the popups on websites. Though if a websites contains popups that cannot be closed you can add that website to the block list so the popup blocker automatically blocks its popups. You need to go to your browser settings to edit certain functions.

You can then allow certain websites to open popups if you need to. The term popups refer to windows that open without your permission. These can be big or small in size and usually contain either advertisements.

You should ignore these false claims you see on websites. Most often the software that you download also contain adware, spyware and other infections. That is also another reason why it is best to ignore these warning signs in the form of popups. Some popups try to make you believe you are a winner of a competition or contest or anything else.

There are different versions of these popups. Some want you to call them so they can spam you, others want to steal money from you after you call them. Your popup blocker usually detects and blocks these message. They are also very compelling messages but you should ignore them.

Some people install Memory boosters, which are software that is suppose to speed your memory for faster performance. A similar software is the Internet speed booster. There are many of these special software all different but have similar functions.

They might work, but we tested them and results of improvement were not seen. Further more these work on the backround and and take up resources. Doing so the performance and speed of the PC will decrease instead of improve. These software don't seem to do what they claim.

To improve speed of your Internet, you can upgrade to a better ISP, internet service provider. That way you see real changes. Do a bit of research to find an ISP that allows faster downloading and uploading. To improve the speed of your memory you can do the most common methods which are, remove unwanted files, folders, clean PC and bad registry values. Here we recommend you use a registry cleaner for such purposes.

The Eusing registry cleaner ( does all that and more. That is the best way to boost the memory of your PC and overall performance.

Most often you are researching online and you see warning signs in the form of popups. These all warn you or even worse try to make you believe you have infections on your PC. These are all false claims by certain companies that want you to download their own software.

That is some important information that will esure your security, privacy and computer is less in danger. Following that advice you will find less troublemakers online.

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