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For a limited time you can purchase Mysterious Chills and Thrills by author Laura Hickey for only $2.99 via Cyber Read or Lulu. Get the e-book today rated as a "Twilight for today's generation." Mysterious Chills and Thrills contain 10 short stories sure to delight young children everywhere. Everything from ghosts, snails, secret messages and more. Critics agree Ms. Hickey's book is one sure to make you ponder life in more ways then one.

The Reviews "Age appropriate for children six and up*, these stories will have you chilled and thrilled! The author has put together several short stories that are sure to entice even the bravest kid at bedtime. A great book to read together out loud or under the covers with a flashlight to really get spooked!" -Book Review Cafe

*The book has been rated appropriate for children 6 and older, but due to the book's has been rated for ages 9-12.

"Do you enjoy a good ghost story? If so, then MYSTERIOUS CHILLS AND THRILLS by Laura Hickey is the book for you. Filled with ten frightening tales, Hickey puts the chills in every shadow-every dark spot. Each story begins with a message-a warning of sorts-and ends with why the author wrote that particular story. Appropriate for chill-seekers ages 6 and up, Hickey's book is the one to read during sleepovers, camp-outs, and at story-swappings. This reviewer highly recommends Laura Hickey's spooky and unforgettable book." - It's Only Ink!

"Laura Hickey's Mysterious Chills and Thrills will arouse the imaginations of the young adult fiction audience, speaking to six-year-olds and up in language natural to that age group. The ten stories chronicle adventures with a haunted house, attacks from an evil twin, jewelry that grants wishes for people to disappear, a costume that sentences the wearer to life as a shadow, and more equally bizarre outcomes. Hickey teases the reader with Twilight Zone like prologues accompanying each tale. Although the introductions were enticing, I did find myself disappointed that many of the stories did not appear fully developed, leaving me longing for a little more plot before being hit with an inevitably twisted ending. But, since I am further "up" than the intended age range for this short story collection, I enlisted a second reader for additional feedback: My eleven-year-old son. He gave every story a "cool" rating. For Ms. Hickey I would say that translates into mission accomplished." Melissa Levine- In The Library Reviews

"I think that this book is truly outstanding and unique among books written for youngsters, particularly sub-teens, because its characters so credibly speak their language and think as they do. That reader niche immediately will identify not only with the characters but, also, with their own approaches to story-telling. The young people in the stories are believable. They say the things and think the thoughts that their real-life peers would say and think. All this credibility adds greater meaning and impact to the story-teller's craftsmanship." - E.E. Du Pont

"Laura Hickey is a very talented author, and I feel so honored to be able to review her material. I love the stories in this book, they are so full of creativity and they aren't the kind of predictable sort of stories you can read every day. This book is a great read and if you check it out I can guarantee you won't regret it =)"- Loira D

"What a very, very happy day when I received your book!!! Such a beautiful surprise!! Such a wonderful book!" -Marge Lee

"I just finished reading "Mysterious Chills and Thrills". I liked the book a lot. I like how you introduce each story and how you talk about it at the end. My three favorite stories are "The Haunting of Those Who Come to Close", "The Lighted Way" and "The Choker." "The Haunting of Those Who Come to Close" was my most favorite because I love haunted mansions and stories about twins."- Brittany La Flash

"Usually when my 10 yr. old niece visits I have to do a lot of creative planning to keep her occupied. During a recent visit, however, I presented her with a copy of "Mysterious Chills and Thrills". She couldn't put the book down. I know how she felt. Laura Hickey's writing style, unusual subject matters and very real characters pulls you into her stories and makes you want to read more. The only disappointment with this book is when it ended and there were no more stories to read. My niece and I are eagerly waiting for Laura's next book." - Adrienne Lind

"After starting Mysterious Chills and Thrills I couldn't put it down. Laura Hickey is a talented young author. Her love for writing and imaginative mind will take her far. I look forward to her next book." - Betty Newell

"This is a collection of short stories where things aren't always as they appear. Think Twilight Zone for mid-elementary school kids. The stories are such that they offer suspense and fantasy, without creating fear.

Big Kid Reaction: Don't try this book with kids under five. The stories aren't too spooky, but the younger kids just won't get it, Some stories ended a little flat--just ended, without a proper catharsis or climax.

Little Kid Reaction: When asked, our first grader will say the stories are "good," in the same tone of voice used to describe the day in school. That said, it was re-requested for several nights running.

Pros: The first thing to know is, these did NOT cause nightmares in a six-year-old boy. The stories are short, suitable for bedtime reading, and the "horror" of the stories is drawn from suspense and odd twists (boy turning into a snail, boy wishes for twin brother and gets an evil twin one day). They do NOT rely on blood and gore.

Cons: None" - The Reading Tub

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