Vulnerability assessment done for an organization’s network gives a report of the security status of the network.

Why you need vulnerability assessment and WiFi security?

Vulnerability assessment done for an organization's network gives a report of the security status of the network. While setting up the WiFi connection in the home or in an office PC most people ignore the WiFi Security. But if you don't secure the network path with some tools probably your neighbors will be able to browse the web using your Wi-Fi connection. If the security levels are not adequate there are hackers who will intrude into your computer system with the intention of destroying the data.

An organization might have a network which is very secured. Yet as an exercise to vulnerability assessment attacks from internal or external network are simulated and these are mapped to certain parameters. Once the security is assessed then a report to detail the security breaches is made. Several solutions and fixes and patches to these vulnerabilities in the network are also suggested. The research and development team normally discover these security vulnerabilities in the network in the company.

This vulnerability assessment of networks is required in companies due to more threats with greater severity and frequency. The assessment helps to strengthen the security of the current network against worms and virus from internal and external sources. There is need to have security solutions that are beyond core level technology to cover the entire network. The needs of the software customers is changing, the access rights, and the permissions required for software are growing, and hence assessing the network for vulnerability is extremely essential. Security compliance is a big matter of concern in the software sections of a company as much as the upgradation of the software.

It is always a rushed job to set up a WiFi connection for a home PC and one tends to ignore WiFi Security. It can take time to install the security features of the WiFi networking product and so you normally end up with a not so secured network.

To connect to WiFi networks you need an access point called a router. To set up a router normally you enter the network address and account information. Now the account information for the routers normally has username and password which can be easily decoded by the hackers. You should change these to something complex and unique to yourself to enhance WiFi Security and should employ the highest measure to save its integrity.

It is advisable to turn on the WPA or WEP encryption with lowest denominator for your WiFi messages over the web to enhance your WiFi Security. Thus the information will travel in a scrambled manner over the World Wide Web.

The default SSID for the access points and routers should also be changed to increase WiFi Security. Connecting to your neighbors open WiFi is not advisable. You might think that a free wireless hotspot is there for you to connect but then you are exposing your computer and hence this is also violation of WiFi Security.

Special software can be installed to get a real time picture of the entire networks security. A picture of conformance to IT security standards and integrity are also obtained with the help of this vulnerability assessment software. To enhance WiFi Security it is required to assign static IP addresses to devices. This can prevent internet hackers from knowing your private IP address range for your company and accessing your computer using the World Wide Web.

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To learn more about vulnerability assessment search the net. It is very important to have wifi security when you use wireless connection for your network.

Author: Jhoana Cooper