Turning Challenge Into Opportunity There is a common saying that whenever you are presented with a problem or a challenge, you should turn it into an opportunity.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Turning Challenge Into Opportunity

There is a common saying that whenever you are presented with a problem or a challenge, you should turn it into an opportunity. Some of the people who have mastered this concept are; the United States Government, Large Corporations, Self Made Millionaires. Was Y2K really a threat? Loot at all the companies that made a fortune helping you to become Y2K compliant. When it came right down to the wire nothing happened according to the predictions, we all remained on the Internet, our computers did not crash. Michelangelo virus was yet another example; mass devastation was forecasted, yet few really got hit with the virus, but the software companies raked it in with increased sales for anti virus software to consumers in a panic. The latest is the creation of email postage, as ridiculous as this concept sounds this is just yet another example of big corporations coming up with more and more ways to get the American public to bow to control. The general idea behind this is to charge email marketers postage on each email sent out. The bill died pretty quickly but now we have yet another bill called the Can/Spam Act just enacted. With this for an email marketer it would mean exorbitant rates just to have the privilege of reaching their recipients. Who is behind this? The answer should be obvious; it is big corporations like Microsoft and AOL. I believe Microsoft is charging approximately a $1400.00 licensing fee to email marketers if they wish to be able to deliver their advertisements with MSN or Hotmail email addresses. If that is not bad enough check out the latest with Identity Theft issues. It seems as though because of the problem being so huge, Credit card companies are now offering Identity Theft protection, yes you can get insurance now incase your identity is stolen, which of course you must pay for. Lets look at this concept for a minute, if you don't want to lose a bundle getting hit by an ID thief and you cannot be guaranteed your information will stay private, though the Privacy Act demands it, you must pay for protection. When you sign up for an account with a Credit Card company and have to give them your personal information, they are supposed to protect that information from leaking out to those who could use it against you. What is even worse is when it really does happen, it involves so many innocent people not just one, that law enforcement officers tend to misunderstand what is really going on and tend to re-victimize innocent victims. In some recent cases Victims have actually been accused of crimes themselves and had to defend themselves against judicial systems that are failing to recognize the problem for what it is. They are falsely accused and jailed in some cases for crimes they did not commit, all because a thief took it upon himself to wreak havoc on one persons life. The character in Mel Gibson's ' Conspiracy Theory' would have a field day with this information. So herein lies the proof that every situation has potential to be turned into opportunity given the right attention be paid, and the drive take the steps to make it happen.

Jeffrey A Solochek www.thegodsmustbecrazy.com www.nosugarcoating.info www.idtheft.theteach.net

About the author: Acareer salesman with almost 2 decades in the industry. Goal in life is to eventually have a radio show and to do sales and motivational speaking.

Author: Jeffrey A. Solochek