So you’ve researched the market you’ve decided to get into on the net, you’ve done your homework and you know their’s a demand for your product and not a whole lot of sites to compete with.

The Internet Adrenaline Rush

So you've researched the market you've decided to get into on the net, you've done your homework and you know their's a demand for your product and not a whole lot of sites to compete with. Now your excited about the possibilities you may face. You've bought your domain name and you have it hosted. You've submitted your site to all the major search engines, directories, you've even implemented a linking strategy to add to your marketing arsenal. Over the next couple of weeks you pay close attention to your webstats, and money allowing you've bought a couple of marketing ebooks and started testing different strategies. Some worked, some didn't. You notice your averaging 10-20 unique visitors per day, but nothing too write home about. You've done what you think is a good job on your site, not too heavy on javascript or flash, mostly rich in useful text content, pretty well search engine friendly. But still no major traffic to get your heart pumping. You scratch your head in bewilderment wondering what your doing wrong. Your thinking are my expectations to high? The answer is no. It's not that your expectations are too high, what you have too do is come out of your 'shell' like I finally did. Bare down and start writing articles! I finally did this just the other day and went from 15-20 unique visitors a day to (last count) was 103 unique visitors and 321 pageviews plus one affiliate sale! How did I feel? I was happily nervous, proud, and had one of the best adrenaline rushes I've ever experienced! If a newbie like myself can do it so can you. The skies the limit, just use your imagination. All the best of luck to you.

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Author: Brian Holte