When you’re managing several computers at the same time, the first thing you need to think about is that communication is a two-way process.

Hacker-proofing your network with an antispam appliance and WIFI security

When you're managing several computers at the same time, the first thing you need to think about is that communication is a two-way process. You can't protect your computers simply by filtering who can come into your network. You also need to make sure that you're protected from every outgoing online activity you make. This is only possible if you install the right kinds of protection for your WIFI linked network of computers. An antispam appliance should be able to take care of weeding out which URL addresses are safe for your network to explore, and which websites to stay out of. You can also make sure that no intruder is able to access your personal files and steal your bandwidth by installing a device which makes WIFI security possible.

Understanding WIFI security

You need to protect your WIFI network from two things: harmful elements like worms and viruses which you can get online or through unprotected computers, and hackers who are trying to use your 'free' wireless internet connection. WIFI security allows you to take care of your properties, including documents and files which may contain vital information about you and the company, and of course, your bandwidth.

A lot of networks suffer from insufficient bandwidth simply because they're not protected from other computers and networks. Once your neighbor detects your WIFI signal, and you failed to install ample WIFI security, s/he can download and surf all s/he wants without having to pay a single cent.

WIFI security has two key phases: detection and blocking. You can scan the IP addresses of computers who are trying to access your network. If the IP address does not belong to your group of computers, you can opt to boot it out of your system. Better yet, your network should be protected with password queries so you can make sure that your internet connection is only serving people who are within your network of computers.

Make sure that when you choose a device for WIFI security, it doesn't ask for tedious installation anymore. You would want a portable scanning system which allows you to monitor your network from any computer within the vicinity.  

Install an antispam appliance

Of course, your internet protection isn't complete unless you're minding the external communications of your network as well. A lot of networks get infected by viruses and worms online because they don't have an antispam appliance installed. An antispam appliance monitors all the outgoing communications made by every computer in your system. With this web content filtering device, you can also block website addresses that have potentially harmful content.

By harmful content, we mean viral infections, worms, spam ads, and even indecent adult content. An antispam appliance is especially useful for networks that have kids using the internet. All schools and homes should make sure that they have this internet filtering device installed. As parents and teachers, you're morally responsible for the children's safety online when they're using your computers.

If you're running a network of computers for your business, you can also control the online activities of your employees with an antispam appliance. By installing this device, you can make sure that they're using the company bandwidth for office purposes only, and not for downloading movies, music, or other non-work-related articles.

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To protect your WIFI network from online harm you need to install penetration scanners designed for WIFI Security, and an antispam appliance that filters online activities.

Author: Jhoana Cooper