There are quite a few new ebook reader coming out in 2010.

Want A New Ebook Reader? Reasons Why You Should Hold Off Buying One

There are quite a few new ebook reader coming out in 2010. Some are full featured and expensive while others are relatively cheap. All serve the same basic need of letting people read electronic books while on the go. It might not be the best idea to buy one of these at the moment.
One of the strongest reasons is that the tablet market may just be around the corner. Apple and other companies are thinking of bring out tablets which very well may replace the ebook reader market in the near future. Expensive ebook readers will be replaced by tablets that do much more than just read ebooks.
Secondly, it might be a good idea to wait for formats to open up. Kindle has their own format. The Nook has their own format. It may be a good idea to wait for one proprietary format to win before investing in one or wait for the ebook market to adopt open standards.
There are still thousands of books that you can download for free or buy in PDF format. These can be read on your computer, netbook, and even your phone. For most people having a book to read while waiting on their phones are much more convenient than using the larger ebook readers.
For the same price of a new ebook reader, one can get a netbook, a smart phone, or an internet tablet device. These all can read ebooks and do many more functions than any reader currently is doing. If it's going to be an additional device it may as well be multi-functional.

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