Spam Filters are software that rejects some of your electronic mail as spam as it goes by certain logic set by either you or the mail server.

Spam Filters and WiFi Security

Spam Filters are software that rejects some of your electronic mail as spam as it goes by certain logic set by either you or the mail server. Many mail servers have stringent rules on basis of which they restrict the entry of certain mails to your inbox. This prevents your computer from getting corrupted with some virus or malware. If you use a wireless network to connect to the internet, you would need some measure or tool to ensure WiFi Security which is becoming important as more and more laptops and computers are being used with the WiFi connectivity.

These days many companies do their marketing activities using the web by sending e-mails. Even people you send permission-based mails get categorized as spam mails. Nearly 1/5th of the mail get categorized as spam mails by these Spam Filters. If you are sending mail in bulk then it is essential for you to understand how these spam filters work.

Spam Filters normally have a very long list of criteria by which they are able to judge whether the mail is useful or a spam. The Spam Filters software assigns points to various combinations of words. Depending on these points the electronic mail is concluded as spam or a wanted mail to be transferred over the web. So the score of the points has to be below a particular value to prevent the mail from being marked as a spam.

Spam Filters would be evolving software as everyday the criteria will keep on changing. It is best to avoid phrases like 'Click here' and 'Once in a lifetime opportunity'. Do not use too many exclamation marks in your mail. Prevent writing in all caps. These will lead your mail to be marked as a spam mail. Do not color the writing in red or green. It is the servers which consider the mail to be a spam.

If you have been in great hurry to install your WiFi router and have not taken care of wifi security then your neighbors might be able to use your WiFi connection to browse the web. This means your bandwidth is getting reduced as you and your neighbor are both using the same connectivity to browse the World Wide Web. You will experience slower browsing speed. The other computer may able to see the data stored in your computer.

When you install the router for the WiFi, you can access the account using a password and username which is quite generic. Now you should change this password and username to something unique for yourself. If you fail to do this then you are breaking the first fundamental rule of wifi security.

Assigning static IP addresses to devices to prevent others from knowing your actual IP address will also help increase wifi security. Moreover, the default SSID for the access points and the router should also be changed to reduce the chances of hacking of WiFi connection by unwanted people. The aim through wifi security is to prevent unauthorized access of your machine through the web. If you notice that your neighbors WiFi is not secured and you enter this WiFi network and browse the web then it is unethical too. You are exposing your machine to outsiders and so reducing your own machine's security. Even if you have spam filters installed you may receive virus or malicious code through the other network. You should always secure your system against such attacks.

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To know more about spam filters read the various articles on the web. When you are connecting to the web using WiFi it is extremely important that the wifi security is high and unwanted users do not utilize your WiFi network.

Author: Jhoana Cooper