Anti-Virus Elite 5.

Anti-Virus Elite 2010 Removal - How to Perform a Quick Anti-Virus Elite 5.0 (2010) Removal

Anti-Virus Elite 5.0 (otherwise known as Anti-Virus Elite 2010) is a rogue antivirus program designed to try and scam you into buying a fake antivirus program that does nothing to help your PC. This virus has been created with the sole intention of trying to make profit for the hacker authors who coded it, and is continually being distributed around the Internet via Trojan Horse viruses, malicious websites and other infectious sources.

This virus has tried its best to appear as "official" as possible, and has even bee designed to look exactly like a popular legitimate antivirus program that you can buy online. This cons many people into either buying this worthless software, or installing it on their computers unbeknown to them that it will cause all sorts of problems. It's vital you're able to remove this virus from your PC as quickly as possible because of two reasons - the first being that it's going to infect your computer with all sorts of popups, fake alerts and other problems... and the second being that it will steal your personal data & banking details.

Unlike normal viruses, rogue antivirus programs, which Anti-Virus Elite is one, are actually very visible on your system and are designed to make you think they are doing a good job for your PC. This leads many people to think that they can remove them just by deleting the various program files that they need to run. It's important to note that manual removal of these virus is not recommended, as they will leave behind an "after shock" in the form of some malicious codes. These codes steal your passwords & banking details without you even knowing, making it vital that you use a removal method which not only removes the Anti-Virus Elite files, but also the hidden codes it leaves behind.

The best, most effective & reliable way to remove this virus is to use an 'anti-malware' application to perform a deep scan of your PC and remove all the elements of this software. The program we recommend for this job is one called "MalwareBytes", as this is best able to remove all the Anti-Virus Elite files & codes from your system. You can download this from the Internet and install it on your PC. You should then make it perform a "deep scan" (which will look through ALL your computer's files) and let it remove all the infections that your system has.

After using these program, you should then use a 'registry cleaner' tool to mop up the job. Not many people realize this, but the anti-malware programs that are available online don't clean out any infected settings that are left inside the 'registry' of your system. This is a large database which stores all the vital options for your PC. Unfortunately, Anti-Virus Elite stores a lot of infected settings inside this database, which can often come back and induce further infections down the line.


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