These days we run numerous software applications in our computer for carrying out several functions.

All you must know about application security and Wep crack

These days we run numerous software applications in our computer for carrying out several functions. We freely download programs and applications for performing specific tasks. This may cause serious threat to the security of the computer and the network associated with it. One malware may destroy the integrity of the entire network. Application security includes the measures that need to be taken during the lifecycle of an application to avoid exceptions pertaining to the application's security policy due to defects in the application's enhancement, upgrading, deployment or its design. Wep crack on the other hand happens to be an open-source tool used for cracking the secret keys of Wep or Wired Equivalent Privacy.

Applications are merely in charge of the utilization of resources that they are granted. The usage of all these resources by users of any such applications is ascertained via application security. One of the common threats or attacks towards application security is posed by poor key creation or management due to inadequate or else custom encryption.

From this we can also understand about Wep that is an abbreviation for Wired Equivalent Privacy. This protocol is for securing the wireless network by determining the way encryption and authentication method can be used for protecting the otherwise vulnerable wireless data. Wep also stands for Wireless Encryption Protocol.

Wep was developed as an 802.11 security protocol specifically for protecting wireless networks. The encryption algorithm was designed for securing wireless networks with an equivalent security method that is available in the wireline networks by default. But, soon Wep cracks were developed to break the security easily.

What has been cause of concern is that Wep which was intended to offer security to the wireless network at par with the wired LAN is being used to hack data by any person that possesses a sniffer. Unlike application security, Wep offers protection to the wireless network that use radio for broadcasting messages, through data encryption over the radio waves so that it is safe while its being transmitted from a particular point to the other.

In order to prevent Wep crack you should in the first place use Wep as it will make most of the hackers omit your WLAN. They will move towards an unprotected target instead of hacking a wireless network secured with Wep. Also, for authentication you should make use of a Radius server as it will make Wep crack difficult by allowing entry into internal network to every user by means of a username as well as a password. Besides for the keys, the time limit to be used by Radius server should be set to, say, thirty minutes. This will further prevent Wep crack by any hacker. You should make provision for a VPN over your WLAN connections which will necessecitate one more password to establish a connection.

To improve application security you must be familiar with its threats first. Also, for ensuring application security you should protect the application along with the network and the host. Moreover, integrate security in the life cycle of your application. To do this there are a number of techniques for security testing that will search for loopholes or vulnerabilities in your application and ensure its protection. To prevent Wep crack talk to your software consultants and apply measure which are appropriate for your network.

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You must use Wep to prevent Wep crack and also safeguard your Application Security for protecting your data from illegal intrusion.

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