Stupidman Brands the Book, Sends Email Attachment This is the 4th issue of The Internet Adventures of Stupidman.


Stupidman Brands the Book, Sends Email Attachment

This is the 4th issue of The Internet Adventures of Stupidman. If you can't find the previous issues and you really want need a hobby. Just kidding, email the "junk" email address assignment in the 3rd issue?}. I only check this account a couple times a week but I will respond.

If you are reading this, then the idea I took from Internet Profit Pearls in Chapters 4&11 really works. Can you believe what's happening? My family (The Boss,Greased Lightning,Fashion Girl) say stuff to me (or at me) all the time. I get to turn it against them in publication(at least that's the feedback they're giving me). Unbelievable, I can potentially make money by writing about how I'm abused by my family. I've already got the next 3 issues outlined in my mind. To think I can capitalize on my ignorance, America truly is the Land of Opportunity.

My hero, me, er....Stupidman is still trying to enter this millenium by doing the exercises contained in the free chapters of Internet Profit Pearls (IPP).

I have read the free chapters and have signed up for most of the affiliate programs that promised me small fortunes. (Including one that cost $50, I'm an affiliate of 14 or 15 programs). Some of the programs would only accept me if I had a website (which I don't) so I signed off on a website/hosting agreement with the publisher of IPP, (describes my situation perfectly) for $6 a month. (Read Chapter 3, last screen first, and you'll understand).

As I intend to resell the book I have to brand my copy. The publisher will brand the free chapters for $27 and the entire book for $47 but I'm on a budget. (I actually read the free chapters,bought the book,got the book review idea in the non-free chapters and then started on these exercises. Under normal circumstances I would have paid $47 and have been done with it. The punishment I have inflicted upon myself at least results in another "Adventure".)

I made a list of my special urls that I received from the affiliate programs. (Techies call it u-r-l, they go crazy if you pronounce it earl. Try it!) There's a file in the book called Read Me First which has the instructions for branding. It's pretty easy to follow until you get to item 6 which says click the "Edit Field" button. I must have spent 5 minutes staring at the console looking for the nonexistent button. Press the "Edit Brand" button, the computer won't blow up, I promise.

Item 8 does not assume Stupidman would read this book so with the reluctant assistance of Greased Lightning I will expand on this instruction. Put cursor on the "with value" field and click, then, use the right arrow on the keyboard to move text. Delete what you don't want then type in your stuff. If you spot a screwup before you hit ok press cancel and try again. If you press ok before you notice a screwup I don't know what to tell you. (This is not to say Stupidman didn't screwup, merely that it was not noticed. Ignorance can be bliss.)

Some companies have several affiliate programs (like roibot). If you signed up for one you're probably in all of them, so brand all versions of the same company.

I spent a lot of time,unsuccessfully, trying to check my branded links. Finally gave up but I'm sure I did it right.

I emailed the author to inquire how to upload to the IPP hosted site but was told (I thought his tone was kind of snippy) there was NO WAY he would allow Stupidman to upload and that I needed to email the branded book as an attachment.

A new challenge, but this turned out to be surprisingly easy. Our email uses Outlook Express and Help is at the top of the screen. Help leads to Contents which is where I found Attachments. Using the selective printing function described in an earlier issue, I copy the "insert a file in a message" instructions. Hard copy in hand I attach the branded book and send it off into cyberspace (hopefully in the general direction of the author).

Coming Soon: Stupidman Creates SIG File,Opens Lock Can Stupidman Use IPP and Be a Bazillionaire Stupidman Explores Alt key,Printing W/O Paper

P.S. My son, Greased Lightning, has critiqued the first three (already published) issues and (agrees with my name) says there is no Pkzip, should have said PKWARE. Sorry.

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