Is your computer infected with spyware? If you aren't a computer geek, you may not even realize it.

Should You Remove Spyware With Security Iguard?

Is your computer infected with spyware? If you aren't a computer geek, you may not even realize it. This is nasty stuff!  In order to remove it, you must use reliable anti-spyware software. Security Iguard does not fall into this category ' it is anything but reliable! Here is some information to help you discern if in fact you are infected, and what to you need to do if you are.

First off, what is spyware? It is a parasite that installs itself on your computer. It can cause all kinds of strange things to happen, such as an extreme increase in pop up ads. You may also notice a slowing of your pc, or freezing. Other signs that you may be a victim are new toolbars in your web browser, and a different home page from the one you use.

What are the dangers? Spyware can put viruses, Trojan horses and other parasites on your computer. It tracks your moves and 'spies' on what you are doing. Your email passwords and other personal information can be tracked. Even your online business accounts are not safe! This is why you need anti-spyware to eliminate the problem just as soon as you possibly can.

Severe threats like the Trojan horse virus can do more damage than you can imagine. Your banking and credit card accounts can be tracked, and your identity stolen. Infections like these can also damage your computer so badly that it will crash. This is why doing something as soon as you realize there is a problem is crucial.

Sometimes the problem is finding good anti-spyware software. There are so many rogue products out there like Security Iguard that it is sometimes difficult to know if you are using a reputable software program or a fake. What can these fake programs do?

They will take your money. Programs like Security Iguard will trick you by offering to scan your computer for adware, viruses and other potential threats. It then gives you false results, even sometimes informing you that your computer is infected when in fact it is not. This is a ploy to get you to purchase their software. Don't do it ' you are giving your money away and will not get results.

So, what should you do if you suspect you have spyware on your computer? Find a reliable product with an excellent reputation. There are some good products out there, but most of the time you will find you must purchase two separate software programs, because the first will not completely clear up the problem. Running a second software program sometimes finishes the job, sometimes doesn't.

The best thing you can do is to purchase a software that is known to be the very best available. This superior program is Spyzooka, known for working to completely rid your computer of spyware in just one scan. Don't fall for the rogue programs like Security Iguard! They are total rip-offs, pure and simple.

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