Making international calls would cost you a fortune – it was true since a decade ago.

Prepaid Phone Card: Make Non-stop Overseas Calls With Sufficiently Charged International Phone Card

Making international calls would cost you a fortune ' it was true since a decade ago. Now people opt for international prepaid phone cards that allow them to make long distance international calls at dirt cheap rates.

Long distance phone cards become cheaper with availability of international phone card from variety of prepaid calling card companies. Philippine phone card rates for example today starts with just 5.3 ¢ per minute and card value starts at as low as $ 5 (94 minutes for $ 5). These are real phone calls and are not redirected through VOIP (for people from mars ' VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol). These use and throw international long distance phone cards come with zero connection charges. Call rates can be a bit higher when making calls from or to cellular phones.

The biggest advantage of prepaid phone card, cheap international calling card products are that you never have to cancel the service of your regular phone service provider. Use the PIN to access your prepaid calling card, make the call and talk to your hearts content (till the balance drains out). Online phone card vendors offer variety of long distance phone card, cheap phone card products. Prepaid international calling cards or international phone calling card makes international calling cheaper.

The telephony revolution that lifted world off its feet today makes it more accessible for friends, family and business persons reach out to people on the other side of the world. Europe phone card, calling card Sri Lanka, calling card from Italy are all normal phrases that companies use to advertise customized products.

Most prepaid international card is accessible from all parts of continental USA. International phone calling card doesn't tie one to any particular operator. Customers can just buy any prepaid phone calling card and use it as cheap international calling card. Just throw away the card after use. The prepaid phone card also comes with refilling options, where one can refill international calling cards with additional amounts. However, more prominence to use and throw calling cards!

Prepaid phone cards come with zero maintenance fees, zero joining fees and zero monthly subscription fees. However, prepaid phone card that charges users 9 ¢ a week has lower call rates and more number of minutes to talk than the international prepaid phone card that charges more cents per minute. Prepaid phone card comes in different denominations and the cost of a single card starts at $ 5. The most common denomination prepaid phone card is of $ 20.

The phone validity of international phone cards varies between 90 days and 365 days after its first usage. Some prepaid phone cards are valid up to 365 days of last use of the card, an option that people hardly use. The amount you save with prepaid phone card adds up to hundreds of dollars if you are regular at calling up your friends, relatives or business partners with an India phone card, Philippines phone card or Sri Lanka phone card. Or in other words, you always save considerable phone bills when using cheap international phone cards.

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