Women Entrepreneurs In INTERNET Marketing Copyright © 2001 by Sue Seward.

Women Entrepreneurs In INTERNET Marketing

Women Entrepreneurs In INTERNET Marketing Copyright © 2001 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

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Internet Marketing is definitely an ideal career choice for any woman who has the desire, the right attitude, and understands what it's really all about and what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

Women are caretakers and in my opinion are well suited to Internet Marketing because of this caring nature. Women are networking from the time they are very young!

From what I've seen it's been an industry really dominated by men so far. Women have stayed with the traditional way of Network marketing through party plan, direct selling, meetings, etc. But things are changing. Internet Marketing is not the for the techno geeks and it's NOT just for men!

Personally I'm the worse technical person on the planet! Ask anyone who knows me! I'm just an ordinary person with absolutely no technical abilities at all! But I do manage to get around the Internet pretty good and meet all sorts of interesting people everyday from all sorts of places around the world!

Internet Marketing is about people just like Network Marketing is... which means it's a relationship building business and women are naturals at building strong long lasting relationships. When women realize this about Internet Marketing and they begin to be able to find out what others really want they become very successful in this business.

The benefits for women in Internet Marketing are unlimited!

A woman such as myself with no degrees, no corporate background, not much marketing experience, a mom who has chosen to stay home to raise her children, is able to reach high levels of financial achie and recognition and do it in much less time than if I were in the corporate world and I can do it all from my home!

Internet Marketing is an exceptional opportunity for all people, especially women with children.

Internet Marketing is in it's infancy! It's just starting to explode!

It's the perfect timing for all women to seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to achieve financial and time freedom to do important things in life such as caring for her children, her household, her parents and others that need her the most at home!

Women are able to contribute financially to their families while not having to go to work outside the home and in a lot of cases they are able to free up their spouses from their jobs thus allowing them more time together as a family. And I haven't even mentioned the tax breaks available to home-based business owners!

As long as they've got a purpose and an important "why" for doing what they're doing and they make a strong commitment to stick with it, any woman can become an entrepreneur and succeed with her Internet business!

There's absolutely no reason why a woman working outside the home cannot start her own part-time business too!

When a woman truly wants to achieve success she will find the extra time it takes to achieve her goals. After all we women are always networking even when we're working at our jobs!

Imagine yourself truly working from home on the Internet!

Having your very own global business right from your home office! Think about all the possibilities the Internet holds for a women in business to network all over the world without leaving her office at home!

e-Networking is the powerful combining of technology with the huge potential of Network Marketing. It's very exciting and this woman plans to be at the forefront of it all!

I highly recommend that all women no matter what age, who have the desire to achieve their dreams of financial independence and time freedom, think seriously about starting their own business, start thinking like an entrepreneur and using the power of the Internet as the vehicle to reach their goals!

When a woman succeeds as an ntrepreneur in her own business truly from home all the people in her life will benefit!

Sue Seward

About the author: Ms. Seward is an Internet Business Consultant, entrepreneur, wife and mom, and has been earning an income for over five years from home on the Internet. Sue is a published writer, speaker and Internet Marketing trainer. To find out more about how to earn an income from home on the Internet Contact Sue at: eCommerceHomeBiz.com.

Author: Sue Seward