Top priorities for communications networks are security, reliability and availability of the network.

Network Security and Technology Solutions

Top priorities for communications networks are security, reliability and availability of the network. Companies not only use communication networks to access their applications and transmit data around the clock, but they also are increasingly dependent upon the network to interact with and provide services to their employees, customers and suppliers. Network system availability is essential, as is its security.

There is a community of individuals and organizations in today's environment, growing in size and sophistication, determined to disrupt critical communication and control networks. Engedi's patent pending technologies meet the need to protect critical network systems by providing the solutions that set the standard for managing and securing both the remotely located devices in a network and the network accessible data over what would otherwise be less secure or insecure networks.

Remotely located network devices such as routers and switches must be readily and cost-effectively accessible by network administrators. The data in the network, both the management traffic and the network data, must be safe and secure from attacks both external and internal to the network. Networks are critical infrastructure that are growing in size and use within businesses and the economy. We are all becoming more dependent upon these networks to support our day to day activities and for the productivity of our economy. The effects of outages can be catastrophic. Engedi Technologies delivers patent pending technologies that strengthen the security of communication networks, the availability of those networks, and also reduce the costs of operating those networks.

The Engedi Technology Solutions

An effective, scalable, and affordable solution to the remote management need must fully address the requirements for securely managing remotely located network devices. All too often network administrators are stuck with an incomplete, poorly integrated solution that causes almost as many problems as it solves. Many network administrators have implemented methods for remote management that have compromised on security to meet their need for access to the remotely located devices in the network. Those compromises are no longer necessary. Using the Engedi SRM' technology, network administrators can meet their remote management need without compromising on security.

The Engedi SRM' solution is purpose built to provide a unique, patent pending technology that meets all of the requirements for the simple, secure management of remotely located devices, such as routers and switches, in a large distributed network.

When security of the network is a must, and when cost-effective, timely network management is important, the SRM' technology meets the need.

Network security and high availability require protection of network assets such as the network infrastructure devices and equipment, or data sources available through the network . Engedi's Key2 Technology (K2t)' is designed to protect network assets from the compromised or inexperienced insider. Key2 Technology' permits implementation of advanced security policy where select network devices, management activity or data can only be accessed or undertaken with the concurrence of a second authorized, authenticated network administrator permissioning the access or action before it takes place. This multi-party authorization control through the use of Key2 Technology' protects the network and related information assets from the malicious insider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What problems exist that are solved by your solutions?

The infrastructure of telecommunications networks is expensive to operate and maintain. There are security weaknesses that make it possible for hackers or malicious insiders to compromise data flowing through the network or data accessible by the network, or to damage the network itself. Network administrators need solutions that make it easier and less expensive to operate the network, and they need improved security of the network. Engedi Technologies provides two solutions, the Engedi Secure Remote Management appliance(SRMa)' and Engedi Key2 Technology (K2t)', to meet these needs.

What solutions does Engedi have to solve these problem?

We provide technology solutions to address the security needs for operating networks. One of our solutions, called Secure Remote Management (SRM)', lets network administrators securely manage the remotely located equipment in their networks. We have another technology, called Key2 technology (K2t)', to protect networks from the compromised or inexperienced network insider.

Why is the SRMa' needed in networks today?

Today many networks either have insecure remote access capability and thus expose the network to attack from the outside hacker or malicious insider, or the networks have no remote access capability and the network managers incur the time delay and expense of having to go to the remote sites. In a small percentage of networks there is full network redundancy, but this expensive solution often still leaves the management traffic vulnerable to internal attack. Full network redundancy is a solution that is prohibitively expensive, and thus impractical, for most networks. The Engedi SRMa' is simply the more secure and cost efficient alternative. The SRMa' delivers increased security for network management by the use of encryption of the management traffic, both over the in-band and out-of-band paths, and provides other powerful management features delivering quick access for diagnostics, maintenance, and problem determinations. Quick, highly secure, and inexpensive access to create high availability of the network is what our product, the SRMa', delivers. It is technology that fills a spot in the network architecture that is currently not filled in most networks. When security of the network is a must, and cost effective network management is important, the solution is the Engedi SRMa'.


Our work world is moving increasingly toward a distributed workforce, tied together by a distributed network. The distributed network used by the workforce needs to be reliable and available to ensure employees are productive and able to communicate. The Engedi SRMa meets the need for the network administrators to conveniently, quickly and securely maintain and operate that distributed network. Small offices or home offices connected to the company network (also known as the enterprise network) won't have network engineers on-site to fix equipment problems. But having the Engedi SRMa' on-site makes it possible for network administrators and engineers to conveniently, quickly and securely access that network equipment located in that small office or home office to maintain the connections to the corporate network. No need to dispatch the network engineer to the remotely located small office, home office, or equipment site for maintenance or problem resolution when the SRMa' product is in use. Our SRMa' provides the convenient, quick, and less expensive alternative needed to keep the distributed workforce connected together on a reliable and available network.

The work world is moving in the direction of workers working from home offices and various remote sites. That distributed workforce communicates over a distributed network. Our SRMa' solution makes it possible to keep that distributed network available and reliable in a more convenient and less costly to operate way. And the SRMa' makes that network more secure in the process while less expensive to operate. The Engedi Key2 Technology' protects the network from the inexperienced or malicious insider. Over half of successful network attacks come from the inside. Key2 Technology protects the network or network available data from inappropriate action by an insider.

Engedi Technologies has great technology with the SRM' and K2t' solutions delivering much needed system security for the evolving distributed workforce more dependant each day on the availability and reliability of their growing distributed networks.


Article date: March 1, 2004

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