Argumentative essay writing is a challenging task that requires one to have the art of argumentation or the ability to make an argument.

Argumentative Essay Paper

Argumentative essay writing is a challenging task that requires one to have the art of argumentation or the ability to make an argument. There are several people who make an assumption that one can argue effectively as long as he or she has an opinion. This however is not the case since argumentation is a skill that has to be acquired. It is important for an argumentative essay to be persuasive of have the ability to convince the essay reader. Persuasive essays try to convince other people to agree with the writer's facts and values. There are several tips that can help a writer to come up with a persuasive argumentative essay and some of the tips will be examined in this article. The first essential tip is to establish facts that will help a writer to support his or her argument. The other point is clarification of the relevant values for the essay readers. This is for the readers to view the arguments according to the essay writer's perspectives.
An argumentative essay is made up of specific sections such as the introduction, the body and the conclusion of the argumentative essay. The introduction introduces the main topic of the essay and tells the reader what the essay is all about. The next part of the essay is the body of the essay that has several paragraphs supporting the main argument. Long argumentative essays have several paragraphs while short argumentative essays are made up of a few paragraphs. Each paragraph should represent a different point in support of the main argument.
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