If you are familiar with rogue antispyware programs, you can add MalwareCleaner to your list of scams to avoid.

MalwareCleaner – Just Another Rogue Security Scam

If you are familiar with rogue antispyware programs, you can add MalwareCleaner to your list of scams to avoid. Like the others, this one is designed by hackers for the purpose of stealing your money. While it claims to detect security threats on your PC, it has no ability whatsoever to perform this action. In fact, most of these bogus applications place potentially dangerous software on your computer.

Like many other fake security programs, this one is usually installed unbeknownst to the user through other downloads like freeware, shareware, and online computer games. You may also contract these dangerous applications from questionable websites and spam emails. This is why it is so important to use extreme caution when surfing the web. MalwareCleaner is actually dangerous, and will install more malicious adware on your computer.

Will you know if it resides on your PC? Definitely. You may notice that your computer is performing slower than usual, or that your browser redirects to websites that are not where you intended to go. Other symptoms include a changed home page, new shortcuts on your desktop and popups so numerous they become extremely irritating. While you may not see all of the signs of infection, you will definitely see some. When pop-up displays inform you that security threats exist, do not click on any download buttons.

Malicious software like MalwareCleaner collects information about you. This includes what you do when you are online, the searches you perform, websites you visit and even personal information. Your private passwords, credit card numbers and other business data is at risk, so eliminating this application immediately is required to insure the safety of your personal identity. These programs can cause severe damage to your PC as well, sometimes so bad that your computer may be beyond repair.

How do you get rid of this rogue when you believe it resides on your PC?  Most can be removed manually, but this is certainly not the action you should take if you are not an expert. You must delete all related files, which is difficult because they hide from you. All running processes must be killed as well. This is a very complex and intricate process which is nearly impossible unless you are very familiar with program files, system processes, .dll files and registry entries.

The smartest thing you can do if you believe MalwareCleaner exists on your computer is to use a reliable antispyware application. Genuine software will scan your PC for worms, trojans, viruses and other security threats. Once detected, it will completely remove them and restore security to your computer. The best solution is to get a product that guarantees to remove 100% of all infections with only one scan, and will protect you from future threats.

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