Acts of lunacy are becoming a growing obstacle for the security of schools throughout the nation, Hence school safety is becoming the topic in most security meeting.

Enhancing the security of schools through intelligent video deployments

Acts of lunacy are becoming a growing obstacle for the security of schools throughout the nation, Hence school safety is becoming the topic in most security meeting. In the majority of incidents; attackers conduct basic rehearsals before executing their actual assault .This pre-attack performance can be detected by school surveillance to halt a potential tragedy.

The simple existence of a camera may be sufficient to discourage criminal activity but it is not enough alone because camera becomes useless when it is not observed, so adequate coverage and continuous monitoring should be applied for the security cameras. So the technology of intelligent video has become the best solution to bridge the gap by providing automated monitoring for all surveillance cameras all the time. As soon as a threat takes place, some preservative automatic actions will occur, such as playing audible cautions, triggering sirens, locking access and entry points to prevent school shooting.

Intelligent video has numerous kinds of intelligent video recognition features, which enable security officials to be aware of the actions that are not common at certain periods of the day; Tripwire detection as well as Intruder trespass are two examples of these odd threats.

Intelligent video can also operate over IP networks and enables remote analysis and visual authentication. At the time of critical situation, the element of surprise is somehow disastrous. By utilizing a wireless network, security personnel can carry PDAs that enable them to remotely view, manage cameras and provide them with up to date data to take decisions not only based on how to direct responders to the assailant's location, but also to evacuate individuals during an assault .

On the other hand, for big, outdoor campuses, independent PTZ tracking enables hands-off recognition and follows a trespasser's movement by automatically relocating the view of the security camera and zooming in on the object of concern. This enables the security guards to immediately view the location of an attacker to execute the preservative and protective actions such as door releases and locking mechanisms.

the task of defeating an attacker is not that easily achieved; intelligent video interfaces can enable lock down thwart access, which may be adequate to enable the emergency units to defeat an assailant. Many investigative reports had brought CCTV drawbacks to light, including the price of set up and cameras, handling severe lighting circumstances, rough weather conditions, complexity of cameras 'etc. There is no doubt that the technology of intelligent video has advanced on in a very short period of time. Inclement weather tolerance of intelligent video and its ease of deployment made it the best choice for schools college campuses in order to make their facilities more secure. The administrators of school security are turning at the present to intelligent video in order to expand security capabilities and put into operation a more stout solution that are demanded by today's insecure and unpredicted events.

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