The advertising co-op is an Internet marketing strategy that should bring sustained financial success.

Internet Marketing Strategy:The Advertising Co-op

The advertising co-op is an Internet marketing strategy that should bring sustained financial success.

Benefits from a well run advertising co-op include:

(1)Responsive highly targeted advertising

(2)Low cost

How An Advertising Co-op Works

Members of the same program pool their money to pay for advertising. Typically, a co-op group will consist of 3-12 members.

The best advertising buy is often a solo ad or top sponsor ad in an ezine. Let's say for example that a top sponsor ad in an ezine costs $120 (US). If 10 members participate in the co-op, the cost per individual is only $12 (US).

Suddenly, highly targeted advertising is within reach of everybody. The members should be advertising a program where each member has his/her own individual referral URL.

To organize the co-op you'll need:

(1)an URL (website) rotator

(2)ad trackers

For a comprehensive list of FREE URL rotators visit:

htt p://

For a comprehensive list of FREE ad trackers visit:

http ://

When the ezine ad is run, the ad will contain the URL of a rotator. Inserted in the rotator will be the referral URLS of the co-op members. As ezine readers click on the URL in the ad, the referring website URLS come up in rotation for the co-op members.

To insure the integrity of the co-op each member should convert their referral URL to an ad tracking URL and submit this second URL to the co-op organizer.

Each time the ad tracker URL is clicked a hit will be recorded by the ad tracking program. All co-op members can be assured that the ad responses are distributed evenly since they can compare number of hits with other co-op members.

It is an advertising axiom that TARGETED ADVERTISING brings the best results. By TARGETED I mean you are advertising directly to a group that has demonstrated an interest in essentially the area you are promoting.

Such as advertising a search engine submission service in an ezine devoted to website promotion.

With over 300,00 online ezines in existence finding an ezine that covers your target market should be easy.

To find appropriate ezines for advertising this is one of the best ezine directories available:


Final thoughts:

(1)Do not advertise in any ezine you have not subscribed to.

You want to make sure the ezine offers QUALITY information and is being read by its subscribers.

(2)Distribute a list of co-op participants with name and email address to all co-op members.

(3)For network marketers the advertising co-op is the perfect promotional choice.

(4)If you are a member of a free-to-join multi level advertising program, where you can contact downline members, organizing a co-op can have long term benefits for a very modest cost.

Even though you are doing paid advertising for a program that does not give an immediate cash reward to co-op members via 'sales', THE LIFETIME BENEFITS FROM INCREASING YOUR ADVERTISING FIREPOWER CAN BE DRAMATIC!

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Author: Robert A. Kearse