There are two things you need to worry about when you’re maintaining a network of three or more computers: what goes into the network, and what goes out of it.

Keeping up with your network with an application security system and a UTM appliance

There are two things you need to worry about when you're maintaining a network of three or more computers: what goes into the network, and what goes out of it. Some people think it's as simple as installing a number of firewalls and anti-viruses. However, it's really all about understanding the vulnerability of your network, and giving it exactly the right protection. You can do this with an Application Security System, and a UTM Appliance.

Application Security System  

An application security system is a protective software that tests the vulnerability of your network against other networks trying to communicate with your computers. Once you go online, it's already a fact that you're always at the danger of being hacked or phished by other people. This risk is heightened then you're running an office with more than twenty hard disks of delicate company files.

By installing an application security system, you can also protect your internet bandwidth from being stolen by outside forces. The last thing you want is to have someone using your office facilities without your knowing. This network protective device records all the parties that are trying to get into your network. It can detect harmful elements, which may be trying to penetrate your system. You'll find that by purchasing this network protective device, you'll generate savings from repairs and system crash downs.

When you choose your application security system, make sure that you're picking one that's compatible for your operating system. Most of these softwares can run on Windows and Linux OS versions.

UTM Appliance

Whether you're running an office, or you're trying to control the kids' online access, you're sure to benefit a lot from a UTM Appliance. A UTM Appliance is a network protective device that controls the outgoing communications of all the computers in your network. Say, you've been having trouble maintaining the bandwidth of your office internet network because other people are using it for their own personal reasons, then you can block the URLs that aren't related to your work, and gain better network control. As someone running a business, it's actually an imperative for you to do this. Installing a UTM Appliance also lets you block harmful websites (like porn) which may infect your network with viruses and spam ads.

When you're choosing a UTM Appliance, also make sure that it's compatible with the OS installed in your computers. Most of these internet filtering devices run on Linux, Windows, and other popular operating systems. If you have Windows XP or Vista installed in your computers, then you should have no problems controlling your network communications online with a UTM Appliance.

Why have both?

Communication is a two-way thing, and when you go online, you do just that, you communicate with other computers, and unfortunately other people. It's not good enough that you control who or what goes into your network anymore, because when you or one of the computer in your network visit harmful websites, you render these anti-penetration devices useless. If you want total control and protection for your network, you should also be able to filter every internet activity as well.

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Protect your network with a application security system and a utm Appliance that is compatible with your OS.

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