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SurfClear/Bob Jones University

Filtering Categories

Also http://bjup.surfclear.net/criteria.html lists the same criteria as the SurfClear site targeting schools.

Religious Focus

"Recently, Bob Jones University and SurfClear have released a unique web filtering system that is more conservative than the average Internet filter. This version of SurfClear is available at bjup.surfclear.net." http://www.bjup.com/

Examples of Blocking Categories/Criteria that Present Concerns

Any site which attempts to elicit sexual arousal, generally containing nudity, sex, erotic material, sexual acts, escort and dating services, or sex education. Exceptions: Mainstream media accounts of sex crimes, or clinical content dealing with disease prevention and treatment.

Here we have clear evidence of blocking of "sex education" in the Pornography category. It is likely that sexual orientation information is also blocked in this category, but it is not specifically mentioned. This category must be blocked to meet the requirements of CIPA.

Occult, witchcraft, satanic worship, animal sacrifice."

Here we have blocking of legitimate religious sites in a category with satanic worship and animal sacrifice.

Other Examples of Religious Focus of Company

Soma Communications

"We've been working Christian media since 1979. And we've been studying Christians since 1984 - demographics, psychographics, media habits, and buying habits. We know who they are and why they buy. And we know how to push their hot buttons.

At Soma, we are experts in two areas: Christian Marketing and Christian Research. We are considered by many to be America's most prominent experts on the qualitative properties of the Christian market. We are also America's only publisher of qualitative research on Religious America. ..."


"A Partial List of Soma's Clients
Marketing and Advertising
USA Radio Network - Radio
International Christian Media - Radio
Salvation Army - Radio
Global Christian Network - Internet
Crosswalk/Didax - Internet
PureVision - Internet
Mayberry USA - Internet
SurfClear - Internet
... (many more religious companies)

First Baptist Church of Troy

"Filtering software that we are recommending: SurfClear
The Internet is not a safe neighborhood. In fact, the Internet is a dangerous place for Christians to spend their time.
Recommended client-side software for those who have connections that are currently not filtered: SurfClear. It utilizes a unique filtering system that is more conservative than the average Internet filter. It is perfect for families, schools, churches, libraries, and businesses. SurfClear protects your Internet access and your e-mail from harmful materials discussed above and is easy to install.Go to http://bjup.surfclear.net and follow the instructions. It will install itself on your computer, and you will be surfing safely within minutes. You can also call SurfClear at 1-800-291-5674."

WJRB Christian Radio Station

"WJRB-TV 18, Charleston's new independent station, has been on the air since July 19, 1997. Our desire is to be a positive, uplifting influence in the community as we work with local churches, businesses, and other organizations. As we bind together in one accord, we will provide quality Christian and family programming. We are committed to serve the Lord in spreading the truth of the Gospel winning souls for the Kingdom of God.

As promoters for a SAFE online environment, we urge to help keep YOUR internet safe! Click on the SurfClear icon above to start taking control of your WEB, and sign up to Surfclear!"